Historic & Classic Speedboat Club

Minutes held at Suncourt Conference Centre Taupo 23rd Sept 2018

Meeting opened at 1pm

Apologies: None

Attended: Paul Cropper, Kevin McGreal, Mike Brown, Kyle Finucane, Graham Zander, David Potter, Alan James, Lance Young, Mike Robinson, Peter Williams, Colin Muander, Nigel Zander, Tony Arthur, Peter Knight jr and Merv Sowden.

Meeting was chaired by Merv Sowden.

Objective of The Club

Club is to be an Owner, Driver and Supporters Club

Discussion on years for Historic and Classic Boats.

Merv had previously had discussion with Dave Potter and agreed and wrote to NZPBA President Ben Ryan suggesting for the Historic Class cut off should be for boats launched prior and up to the end of 1966 and the Classic Class be 35 years. (Letter attached)

Discussion was motioned to bring the Classic Class to 40 years to be inline with the Classic Cars. Nigel Zander said he had contacted Ben and was under the understanding that the 35 years had been put forward to the rule book to be printed. It was decided to leave it at 35 years and put a remit in at the next Conference meeting to bring the Classic age up to 40 years.

Replica Boats

There was discussion about replica boats been built and a motion was put forward that we should have a clause in the rules for this type of boat to be accepted as by invitation. This was proposed by Peter Williams, Seconded by Graham Zander


This coming season it was discussed that the events that the Historic & Classic boats can go to is any of the NZPBA Sanctioned events with the Masport Cup ran by the GP Club at Karapiro on the 9th & 10th Feb 2019 and the NZ Nationals ran by the Rotoiti Powerboat Club at lake Rotoiti on the 22nd-24th Feb 2019 as our main events for this year. It was also discussed that we should if possible attend the NZ Antique & Classic boat show on a couple of weeks after the nationals at Lake Rotoiti.


After a short discussion regarding the Subs, $50.00 was proposed by Peter Knight and Second by Graham Zander.

Bank Account

Merv Sowden said he would open a Bank Account.

Four names were put forward with two needed for Signage of cheques.

The names are: Merv Sowden, Kevin McGreal, Lance Young and Nigel Zander.

General Discussion

The Club is to use the old New Zealand Speedboat Association Logo.

NZ speedboat History Face Book and Website to be used to help promote the Club.

Next Meeting to be held at Suncourt Conference Centre Taupo.

Meeting Closed at 1.45pm.

Letter to Ben Ryan, President NZPBA Re Boat ages.

Hi Ben, I have been speaking with Dave Potter and we think that the dates for both the Historic and Classic boats should be put into the Rule Book as soon as possible before people take advantage of  the “looseness” that the present rules present.

The year for the Historic Class cut off should be for boats launched prior and up to the end of 1966.

This ties up with the end of racing clockwise in NZ. I would use Elray III as an example as the cut-off boat to mark the end of the Historic era.

For the Classic Class, as the majority of the boats in NZ racing are quite old, I would suggest that the boat age should be 35 years old. This date is from its first launch.

There are other things that need to be tidied up but this can be done as time progresses.

The Historic and Classic meeting will be on Sunday the 23rd Sept at Taupo following the Mod-H Meeting. I will be putting an announcement up on the History Face Book page in the next few days.

Please feel free to contact me for any more discussion re the Historic and Classic Boats.


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