Propellers from the late 50’s

You may have the best hull, the best motor but unless you could transfer the motor power to the water with a respectable propeller, the hull and motor really doesn’t count. In NZ at the end of the 50’s Leo Young  and Ian Jarvie were manufacturing props, the J-Y Series and Ron Augustin, had a series of props he was producing and Nadler & Biddle from Nelson was also making the odd prop but for some, the Hi-J props from the USA, were the way to go. Mystic Miss used a Hi-J prop when it broke the 200kph (first in NZ but not recognized in the NZPBA Rule Book ) when Bill Stevenson Jnr  did 124.62 mph in 1963, the 3rd to officially to break the 100 mph time in NZ.

Here is the Story of the Hi Johnson and his propellers.





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