New Zealand Mini Powerboat Association

Mini Powerboats

In the 1980's Mini Power Boat racing in NZ was  the largest single  boat class  available in NZ and was run by the New Zealand Mini Power Boat Association.

This class was originally started about 1971 with a few enthusiasts from Whangarei which quickly spread to Taupo and Hutt  Valley as the interest grew. The early hulls  were made from light plywood and powered by small outboards.  

In the eighties the hulls were now specially designed for racing and most were built from Kevlar or Glass and ran a 25hp outboard.

There must be more stories on this class of boat but sorry we havenít got any more at the moment. As the info becomes available, we will post it here. 

We are looking for more stories on this class  or what happened to the Mini Power Boat Association. 

Here are a couple of photos taken from 1985 Nautical News.

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